Age (in theory): 26
Height: 6’4"

Eyes are green, with ‘slitted’ eyes instead of round, but still relatively human looking. The hair on his head is cropped fairly close, and looks to be blond. Face is mostly human, but teeth have a definitely edge of points, and parts of jaw and neck are scaled a bit in texture. Scaled points tend to focus more in the realm of green. Shoulders and forearms (and hands) are more changed, giving him some fierce little pointers of claws, while his chest is quite human, up until the lower navel, that’s when the scale texture gets more visible again. The line of his spine is also scaled, and he has a thick lizard tail in the back. Downward the changes are much more active – digitgrade, quite anthropomorphic, but at least he walks upright and with a human gait. The ‘Junk in the Trunk’ has gone internal.’.

Outfit wise depends n what’s available. Science work he’ll either wear protective gear or ‘go natural’ depending. When he has to strut around public He tends to favor a robe or tunic that goes to the knees, for ease of dealing with his tail (and ease of getting in and out of). Regular pants are obviously more complicated.


Due to the method of how my background was made originally, this will be done a little oddly. There wil lbe aspects mentioned that don’t really affect the freeform, but give a relative idea to intended effects or ‘skill level’.

Phillip ‘Scil’ Dedrick: Born on Mars, raised by Mars, saw planet blow up on Mars, lots of peer pressure on Mars. (age 6 at boom)
- Space Baby
- Born to Strive

Mars is a very intense place – it’s home to proud humans, who want to help the human race recover proudly. You could say they’re pro human Nazis but the accuracy of that varies this way and that (some more extreme, some more lax). Regardless, if you’re born on Mars, you Know how much Pride they put into their work. Learning a craft is dedication.

An interest in plants and a knack for genetics. Humans are A-Okay, but why not upgrade the Flora? Phillip helps keep his air tasty and the foodstuffs pest-free.
- It’s all Chlorophyll
- These are your IV’s

Scil ‘s leanings turn out to be with plants – not that he doesn’t have more to learn to cover the bases! Damn mars education program is intense! He wouldn’t be surprised if a little tweaking of genes to boost the quality happened beforehand (for humans).

With trepidation, Philip goes to Titan to acquire various data on genetics and plant samples for use of improving Mars and the like. That part was going alright – until some random incident got him gassed with some various compounds of changing, which ended up being ‘cured’ and stabilized with some gene splicing! Mars not Happy.
- Spliced Life: It seems like a lizard
- New Instincts, Same Confidence

This is the part where Scil truly becomes Scil. Titan is very gene-go-lucky with things, and Mars has a strong dislike of them (varying on frownie faces to hate mail depending). While it wasn’t on purpose, Mars is still extremely pissed one of their scientists – A good Botanist no less – was just contaminated! Phillip finds himself now lizard-like, fighting new urges and learning new instincts hidden within his brain. He still has his mind, but his personality, on the other hand… he was already a bit arrogant before.

Philip is stranded, Mars sends its condolences, asks for is research, packs up desk, sends last check. Philip lacking a ship, spends a bit of time ‘learning the lay’ of the land, and himself. Now if he could just get a job that he doesn’t get fired from…
- Learn to Adapt
- Love/Hate Relationship

Phillip isn’t entirely screwed. Mars has enough compassion to give him a meager farewell of some of hsi stuff and last paycheck whie stripping him of everything else. Leading Botanist or not, they just don’t care for Spliced on Mars. So, Phillip learns all about Titan, his new body, and just how much trouble his new instincts can cause him – hitting up on customers works when they’re looking, not when they’re not! Or the bosses wife/husband, or their kids (they were of age, honest!)

Scil (aka Philip) had a rather unfortunate mixup with the captain of the ship he had acquired work on – he boinked his girlfriend and told him he should have entertained her more if he was so upset about it. The ship had docked at an abandoned UA for a number of reasons, and after getting a good sound punch to the jaw, Scil found himself abandoned on it – minimal power, supplies, or ways of communicating, Scil had to come to an unfortunate fact – he was probably going to die. So…into the cryo-chamber in medical! Sure, it might be 50 or so years of long term blue balls, but he might live to see someone else that docks…
- I’m make a name for myself through SCIENCE!
- Tougher Than expected Actually

This is the suspenseful factor of the background – Scil doesn’t really sit in there for fifty years, and he does luck out in being discovered at some point. Whether it’s the current ship or another one is another story, but through this, Scil learned a few things: his changed body is abit more durable than he realized, and he hadn’t really been following his interests lately, so, with some luck keeping him alive, he decides he should try to achieve something with his specialty – and maybe get a good lay now and then, but mostly science!

5:Profession: Botanist
4: Archaeology, Science
3: Resolve, Stamina, Computers
2:brawling, medical, culture/tech(Mars:Titan:Miranda Station)
1:agility, assets, Slug Throwers, survival, Alertness

A bit moot for freeform, but basically refers to particular skill and knowledge. Scil is a leading Botanist, and it’s a mixture of science and study of Old technology (aka ‘advanced earth stuff’ that helped with that. He’s quite confident and durable, and knows his way around computers pretty well. Partly instinct, and other things, makes him a fair hand in unarmed combat, and he has a passing knowledge of medical skill, as well as awareness of a few of the floating human cultures of technology. He can fire a pistol and has a bit of money to his name, and isn’t utterly clumsy


Have a thing (claws – knife/brawling)
swap-a-skill: Computers for Repair
swap-a-skill: Resolve for Charm

Simple enough: claws give advantage in combat, his computer knowledge can help him to repair computer related things to a point, and his utter confidence and animal magnetism (and perhaps pheromones) can help him charm his way into someone’s heart remarkably well without having to be completely polite. It’s also probably what makes others dislike him so much – jealousy maybe?


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